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The Northwoods Student Ministry has one goal - make disicples of students for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Our strategy is this -

Teach students the Bible - Sunday mornings 9:30 we teach the Bible systematically to students believing that if a student has a knowledge of God's Word it will impact them for life.

Help students apply the Bible now - Wednesday nights are all about dealing with the topics students are facing right now.  Will bring wisdom from God's Word in to help students know that God has a plan for their lives right now and He has shared that plan in His Word.

Connect Students with Adults and other students who can help - growth comes in the context of relationships.  We want to work hard to help students develop relationships with other students and adults who are passionate about loving God and people and can help them develop that same passion.  Its in the context of these relationships that we will grow.

Monthly Events to strengthen families and one another - every month (usually on second Sunday) we plan events that accomplish one of the following:

1)  Encourage students to bond with their families as we do events that involve the whole family.

2)  Encourage students to bond with one another as we do events that give us time to just be with one another.

3)  Encourage students to connect new students to the youth ministry as we do events that are easy to invite others to.


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